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01 April 2024


10:00 - 11:30



Yoga classes

Embrace Well-being with Yoga at Elder Blossom

Welcome to a rejuvenating yoga experience at Elder Blossom, where tranquility meets strength, surrounded by nature and sometimes by the gentle waves at the beach. Our morning classes, ranging from 1 to 1.5 hours, are designed for everyone, inviting you to start your day with harmony and vitality.

Yoga for All:  No matter your age or fitness level, our yoga sessions offer a gentle yet powerful practice focusing on mindfulness, movement, and breath. It’s about enhancing your well-being, not athletic prowess, making it accessible to everyone.

Benefits Beyond the Mat: Yoga is a holistic practice improving flexibility, strength, and balance while offering profound stress relief and mental clarity. It’s a pathway to inner peace that positively impacts every aspect of your life, encouraging a mindful approach to your daily routine.

Where Nature Nurtures: At Elder Blossom, enjoy the serene ambiance perfect for exploring yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation. On special days, our beach yoga sessions amplify this experience, allowing the natural beauty of the surroundings to deepen your practice and connect you with the environment.

Join the Journey: All you need is a yoga mat, a towel, and an open heart. Whether seeking physical improvement, mental calm, or a moment of connection with nature, Elder Blossom’s yoga classes offer a welcoming space to grow, relax, and rejuvenate.

Dive into a transformative yoga journey with us, where every session is an opportunity to nurture your body and soul. Let’s embrace well-being together at Elder Blossom and occasionally by the sea, where yoga becomes a celebration of life itself.