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Elder Blossom Living: A Haven for Comfort and Care


At Elder Blossom Living, we take pride in offering a unique blend of comfort, care, and community through our 25 meticulously designed living units.

Our accommodation options cater to a diverse range of needs, ensuring that every resident feels at home, whether they require extensive support or seek a temporary stay.

Our Living Units Explained

Community Living Groups
Twelve of our units are dedicated to fostering a sense of community, allowing residents to thrive within a supportive and engaging environment. These units are ideal for those who value social interaction and community living.

Rehabilitation and Special Care Rooms
Two of our rooms are specially designated for residents undergoing rehabilitation or requiring special care. These rooms are equipped with advanced facilities to aid in recovery and ensure comfort.
Double Rooms for Couples
Recognizing the importance of companionship, we offer five double rooms. These spacious units allow couples to live together comfortably, even when one or both partners require extensive support. Our double rooms are designed with both privacy and accessibility in mind, ensuring a harmonious living space.
Guest and Short-Term Stay Rooms
Six of our units are reserved for guests of residents or individuals looking for short-term accommodation. These rooms provide the flexibility of temporary stays without compromising on the quality of care and amenities.
Adaptable Single Rooms: Tailored to Your Needs
Elder Blossom Living understands the importance of personalization. Our single rooms can be configured to meet the specific needs of our guests, ensuring a comfortable and accommodating living space. All rooms are air-conditioned, accessible to the disabled, and barrier-free, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity.

At Elder Blossom Living, we are dedicated to providing a harmonious blend of care, comfort, and community. Our diverse accommodation options ensure that every resident and guest finds their perfect fit, making Elder Blossom Living not just a place to stay, but a place to call home.

Accommodation Options

Living Together Units
Part of our accommodation includes units designed for living in a community group, ideal for those who wish to engage with fellow residents and partake in shared activities.
Individual Units for Couples
For couples desiring more space and privacy, we offer individual units that can be tailored for spacious and comfortable living together. These units allow couples to maintain their lifestyle while receiving the necessary support.
Inclusive and Care-Oriented Design
Our philosophy at Elder Blossom Living is to create a living space that accommodates everyone, regardless of their care needs. This inclusivity extends to our special villa rooms for visitors, ensuring that family and friends can stay close in a comfortable setting.
Enhanced Living Experience
  • Each unit boasts spacious common areas, including a kitchen and living room, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying quiet moments together.
  • Our accommodation is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing long-term residents to choose their room’s configuration and include special care elements as needed.