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Elder Blossom Hua Hin

Welcome to Elder Blossom Hua Hin

Welcome to Elder Blossom, where we redefine the essence of senior living and care in the heart of Thailand. Nestled in the serene and beautiful climate of Hua Hin, Elder Blossom offers a unique blend of long-term residency, comprehensive care, and a vibrant social environment designed to enhance the quality of life for our residents and visitors alike.

Brief overview

Elder Blossom Hua Hin has two main departments. One department provides daily care services for elderly individuals, while the other offers accommodations specifically designed for seniors.

Elder Blossom Hua Hin is a dedicated sanctuary for those seeking a peaceful living environment and/or meaningful activities in a serene environment in Hua Hin.

More than just a service provider, we are companions and advocates, passionately committed to providing a range of excellent care that ensures peace and well-being for everyone, including our seniors.

Allow us to be your guiding source as you explore the numerous care options, whether you are contemplating services for yourself, a loved one, or seeking information about our comprehensive offerings at Elder Blossom Hua Hin. We warmly welcome you and stand prepared to assist with any questions you may have.

Elder blossom living

Elder Blossom Living focuses on creating a homely and supportive community for our residents. Here, accommodation is not just about beautiful living spaces but fostering a happy, active social life within a self-help community structure.

With 12 units designed for singles sharing common areas like kitchens, meals, and living rooms, our residents enjoy the warmth of community living. The emphasis is on not living alone but being part of a lively social network, supported by professional medical staff, regular health checks, and immediate hospital contact when necessary.

Our facilities, including a stunning park, swimming pool, yoga, dancing, and restaurant facilities, are tailored to keep our residents active, engaged, and happy.

Elder Blossom Care

Elder Blossom Care extends our ethos of active and engaged living to the wider Hua Hin community. It operates as a vibrant Social Hub, offering a range of activities specially tailored for those aged 50 and above.

From dancing and discos to outings in national parks, the community center is a bustling daytime hub for both residents and outsiders, facilitating social interactions, cultural engagements, and lifelong learning.

With a facilitator always present, we ensure that everyone has the support they need to enjoy our extensive offerings. Additionally, we provide a spectrum of home care services available by the day or hour, including cleaning, personal care, and nursing services, ensuring that every need is met with care and professionalism.